Atiśaの如来蔵思想:――その典拠と大中――  [in Japanese] Atiśa's Teaching of the <i>Tathāgatagarbha</i> Doctrine::With Reference to Its Sources and <i>dbu ma chen po</i>  [in Japanese]

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<p>Atiśa does not directly expound the teaching of <i>tathāgatagarbha</i>. However, as one of a very few examples, he mentions <i>tathāgatagarbha</i> in the <i>Bodhimārgadīpa-pañjikā</i> when maintaining that <i>prātimokṣa</i> is essential for receiving the Bodhisattva's vow (<i>bodhisattva-saṃvara</i>). Referring to <i>tathāgatagarbha</i>, he insisted that there is no distinction of <i>gotra</i>. This paper examines the passage and its sources and aims to clarify that Atiśa's position on the non-distinctiveness of <i>gotra</i> seems typical of late Mādhyamikas such as Kamalaśīla. Thus the expression "dbu ma chen po" is related simply to the Mādhyamika in general, which contrasts with the Yogācāra doctrine in the same way as in the other passages in the <i>Bodhimārgadīpa-pañjikā</i>, as I have argued elsewhere.</p>


  • Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies (Indogaku Bukkyogaku Kenkyu)

    Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies (Indogaku Bukkyogaku Kenkyu) 65(2), 865-858, 2017

    Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies


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