The neck deformation of <i>Lacrymaria olor</i> depending upon cell states

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<p>The free-living ciliate protist <i>Lacrymaria olor</i> has an extendable neck, which extends up to 8 times longer than its cell body. Previous papers assessed several ultrastructural features of <i>L. olor</i>; however, dynamic features of the extension and contraction cycle of the neck have been unclear. As a first step to understand the mechanism of such dynamic processes, we tried to characterize the neck deformation of living <i>L. olor</i> using a high-speed camera and image processing. These analyses defined the four different cell states, namely, active, resting, activation and inactivation, and highlighted the features of the neck deformation of <i>L. olor</i> depending upon the cell states. Our analyses will make it possible to elucidate further details of the <i>L. olor</i> neck deformation mechanism.</p>


  • Journal of Protistology

    Journal of Protistology 51(0), 1-6, 2018

    Japan Society of Protistology


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