CLE14 peptide signaling in Arabidopsis root hair cell fate determination

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<p>Morphological adjustment is a critical strategy for the survival of plant species in various environments. The CLE (CLAVATA3/EMBRYO SURROUNDING REGION) family of plant polypeptides is known to play important roles in various physiological and developmental processes and the relevant signaling pathways are conserved in diverse land plants. Previously, it has been suggested that overexpression of <i>CLE14</i> promotes root hair cell differentiation in Arabidopsis roots. To clarify this suggested function of CLE14 peptide on root hair induction, we examined the effect of synthetic CLE14 peptide on Arabidopsis root hair development. Consistent with the results of previous overexpression analyses of <i>CLE14</i>, we demonstrated that application of synthetic CLE14 peptide induced excess root hair formation on CLE14-treated Arabidopsis roots. In addition, CLE14 reduced the expression of the non-hair cell fate determinant gene, <i>GLABRA2</i>. Our results thus indicate that CLE14 can activate the transcriptional regulatory cascade of root hair formation.</p>


  • Plant Biotechnology

    Plant Biotechnology 35(1), 17-22, 2018

    Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology


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