VFT電圧に対する油および油浸紙の絶縁破壊特性 Breakdown Characteristics of Oil and Paper Insulation for Very Fast Transient Voltage

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This paper describes dielectric breakdown characteristics of oil and oil-impregnated paper for very fast transient (VFT) voltage. Blumlein circuits generate VFT voltages of 60 and 300 nano-seconds in pulse width that simulate disconnecting switching surges in gas-insulated switchgears. We measured breakdown voltages of needle-to-plane, plane-to-plane oil gaps and several pieces of paper between plane electrodes for VFT and lightning impulse voltages. The measured data were formulated in V-t characteristics and Weibull probability distribution. The inclination <i>n</i> of V-t characteristics of insulating paper is 150 which is less than <i>n</i>=13.7 of the plane-to-plane oil gap in the VFT time range. The shape parameters of Weibull distribution obtained in this study show that the scattering of breakdown voltages of paper is much less than that of oil.


  • IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy

    IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 121(9), 1206-1212, 2001

    The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan


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