Elucidation of Factors Predicting the Impression of “<I>Yuru-sa</I>” in Japanese Yuru-kyara Mascot Characters




In recent years, “Yuru-kyara” mascots, a class of mascot characters popularized by their characteristic of “<I>yuru-sa</I>”, have played important roles in the promotions of regional events and products. Although previous studies implicated the importance of structural and emotional factors for <I>yuru-sa</I> in Yuru-kyara mascots, it is unclear what factors affect or predict the impression of <I>yuru-sa</I> in these mascots. Here we examined structural and emotional factors that predict the <I>yuru-sa</I> impression in Yuru-kyara mascots. The independent <I>t</I>-tests and multiple regression analyses revealed that the factors of “childlikeness” and “friendliness” may correlate with a stronger impression of <I>yuru-sa</I>. Furthermore, we found that altering the ratio or size of structural factors showed different levels of the <I>yuru-sa</I> impression on the perceivers. We propose that our results may facilitate the design of Yuru-kyara mascots to be more appealing and effective in promoting brand images of local communities.


  • International Journal of Affective Engineering

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 15(3), 231-238, 2016