Gregory Batesonによる生の基準としてのメタ・コミュニケーションとその系譜―1946年3月第1回メイシー会議から1987年『天使のおそれ』まで―  [in Japanese] Metacommunication and Its Tradition in Terms of Gregory Bateson's Criteria of Life: From the First Cybernetics Conference (1946) to the Publication of Angels Fear (1987)  [in Japanese]

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<p>本稿は,Gregory Batesonの思索を軸に,メタ・コミュニケーションを生の基準としてたどることで,本来的な原義を論じる.Ruesch & Bateson (1951)はメタ・コミュニケーション概念を「コミュニケーションについてのコミュニケーション(communication about communication)」と定義し,その後,異分野・多領域の研究者がこれを便利な概念として受容した.ところが,概念の定義は研究者によってまちまちとなり,無定義のまま多用されたため,概念の当初の意味や枠組み,その多義性については曖昧になり,概念の変容が生じた(Bavelas, 1995).本稿では,そもそもBatesonがメタ・コミュニケーションをどのように提唱し,展開してきたかについて,1946年3月第1回メイシー会議から1987年『天使のおそれ』までの間の歴史的ならびに理論的な足跡を通じて,明らかにする.</p>

<p>Focusing on the epistemology of Gregory Bateson, this paper discusses the essential and original meaning of the term metacommunication by tracing it in terms of Bateson's "criteria of life." Ruesch & Bateson (1951) defined the concept of metacommunication as "communication about communication." This later gained acceptance as a convenient concept among researchers in various fields. However, researchers have since used divergent definitions of the concept, and it has remained widely used as an undefined concept. This has rendered the original meaning and framework of the concept ambiguous, and resulted in transformations in the definition (Bavelas, 1995). This paper serves to clarify historic and well as theoretical steps, from the first cybernetics conference of March 1946 until the publication of Bateson & Bateson's book, Angels Fear, in 1987, with regards to how Bateson first conceived and subsequently developed the concept of metacommunication.</p>


  • The Japanese Journal of Language in Society

    The Japanese Journal of Language in Society 19(1), 54-69, 2016

    The Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences


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