SNSを活用した日本語教育実習生と日本語学習者の協働学習─SNS上での交流を活発にする要因とは Cooperative Learning using SNS in Higher Education―What are the Factors to Activate Interaction among Students in SNS?




<p>In 2008 and 2009, we practiced Cooperative Learning (CL) twice between learners of Japanese as a second language in Hong Kong and trainees to be a Japanese teacher in Kyoto by using SNS. The questionnaire after CL showed that 2008-CL was not fully activated in terms of 'social presence' and 'social support'. In 2009-CL, we improved the following points to get the students to feel social presence and social support; 1) corrections should be directly written in SNS, not in attached files, so that they are visible, 2) some of the functions of SNS are refined, 3) CL is performed in a group, not in pair, 4) corrections are given not only to a part of the learners' essays, but also to all parts, 5) instructors take the role of facilitators. Due to these improvements, 2009-CL became more activated than 2008-CL.</p>


  • 教育システム情報学会誌

    教育システム情報学会誌 28(1), 61-70, 2018-07-27