Ninjin'yoeito (Tsumura) Extract; a Kampo (traditional herbal medicine) Improved Apathy in a Mild Cognitive Impairment Patient

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    • Sato Shinji
    • Department of Psychiatry, Ibaraki Clinical Educational and Training Center, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba|Department of Psychiatry, Ibaraki Prefectural Hospital
    • Takahashi Takumi
    • Department of Psychiatry, National Center for Global Health and Medicine
    • Arai Tetsuaki
    • Department of Psychiatry, Division of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba


<p>Apathy, characterized by lack of motivation and loss of initiative, is a common symptom with all forms of dementia. The traditional Japanese medicine: Ninjin'yoeito (NYT) has been reported to improve anemia, fatigue, loss of appetite, and anorexia in patients with Alzheimer's disease. We reported here the case of a 71-year-old female with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and apathy. NYT improved her apathy symptoms effectively, without any adverse effects, including cognitive decline. Our findings suggest that apathy symptoms in MCI patients can be improved without prescribing cholinesterase inhibitors.</p>


  • Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology and Therapeutics

    Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology and Therapeutics 9(0), 17-19, 2018

    The Japanese Society of Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology


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