Polymorphism and expression level of <i>CYP51</i> (cytochrome P450) and sensitivity to ipconazole in <i>Fusarium fujikuroi</i> isolates

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The relationship between the nucleotide sequences of <i>CYP51</i>, its expression level and its sensitivity to ipconazole of <i>Fusarium fujikuroi</i> isolates were investigated. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were observed in the <i>CYP51</i> of isolates with different sensitivities to ipconazole, but no amino acid substitution was detected in the putative amino acid sequence of the CYP51 protein. On the other hand, the expression of <i>CYP51</i> was enhanced by the presence of ipconazole, and it tended to be higher in isolates with lower sensitivities and no gibberellin productivity. In the presumed promoter region, the upstream nucleotide sequence of <i>CYP51</i>, several common SNPs and insertions of nucleotides were detected in the lower sensitivity isolates. These results suggest that <i>F. fujikuroi</i> isolates consist of 2 different groups in sensitivity and gibberellin productivity, and no amino acid substitution in CYP51 protein may contribute to the stably high efficacy of ipconazole against rice Bakanae disease for more than 25 years.


  • Journal of Pesticide Science

    Journal of Pesticide Science, 2019

    Pesticide Science Society of Japan


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