One-size-fits-one::主観的な長さをもとにしたパラメトリックデザインシステム One-size-fits-one::Parametric design system based on subjective size





"One-size-fits-one" is a design system for designing and fabricating stools by linking the method of parametric design and the utilization of CNC milling machine which is a digital fabrication equipment. All the stools would be made up of three wooden parts with a simple structure for assembling easily, and also their strength is secured. The user would input "the width of the seat of the stool" and "the height of the stool" by indicating with gesture such as spreading hands. According to the input data, the software generates 3D of the stool and 2D data for parts cutting by CNC milling machine. By cutting out 3 parts and assembling them, it would be a unique stool which has its own seat size and height which the user demanded.


  • デザイン学研究作品集

    デザイン学研究作品集 24(1), 1_54-1_57, 2019

    一般社団法人 日本デザイン学会