Vertical profiles of marine particulates: a step towards global scale comparisons using an Autonomous Visual Plankton Recorder

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<p>An Autonomous Visual Plankton Recorder (AVPR) was used to record colour in situ images of plankton and other marine particulates at several oligotrophic stations around the world, including a northern hemisphere subtropical open ocean, a northern hemisphere subtropical marginal sea, a southern hemisphere tropical marginal sea, and a polar open ocean. Quantitative analyses and comparisons of particle concentrations, sizes and vertical profiles were possible after identification of optimal image enhancement settings and employment of a specially-developed macro routine in the off-the-shelf image analysis software Image Pro Plus. Such baseline data is invaluable for assessing the effects of surface or near-surface waste water or tailings disposal during deep-sea mining operations in oligotrophic areas. Marine particulate profiles, their relationships to oceanographic parameters and water mass structure, and the resolution-dependent limitations of the system are introduced and discussed.</p>


  • Bulletin of the Plankton Society of Japan

    Bulletin of the Plankton Society of Japan 61(1), 72-81, 2014

    The Plankton Society of Japan


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