Changing industrial waste into healthy ingredients−Generating amino acids from soy pulp

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<p>The purpose of this study was to devise a method for recycling soy pulp from Okinawan tofu industrial waste and to contribute to the extension of healthy life expectancy in Japan. This study focused on the amino acid-producing ability of lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria were isolated from Okinawan tofu soy pulp and were screened for useful strains that indicated amino acid production capacity.</p><p>We succeeded in isolating a <i>Lactococcus lactis </i>strain that produces isoleucine abundantly as an essential amino acid from soy pulp. In the future, soy pulp should be commercially produced using the strain identified in the present study to enhance the strength of the elderly.</p>


  • Journal of Environment and Safety

    Journal of Environment and Safety 10(2), 17-20, 2019

    Academic Consociation of Environmental Safety and Waste Management, Japan


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