Local distortion around the guest ion in perovskite oxides

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In transition metal (M) oxides, partial substitution of guest (M<sup>g</sup>) for host (M<sup>h</sup>) elements causes local distortion via the difference in the ionic radius (r). Here, we systematically investigated the local structures in the pure (x = 0.0) and mixed (x = 0.1) perovskite oxides, [Formula: see text], by means of extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) analysis. We found that the local distortion [[Formula: see text], where [Formula: see text] is the variation in the adjacent M<sup>h</sup>–O bond length] in a mixed compound, was smaller than that in the virtual compound, in which the M<sup>g</sup>–O bond length had an ideal value. This empirical relation is useful for designing a functional material by partial substitution.


  • Appl. Phys. Express

    Appl. Phys. Express 10(5), 051101, 2017-04-10

    Institute of Physics


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