Regional development issues, localism, and the emergence of new social dynamics in contemporary Japan : an inquiry into the 'era of localities' 現代日本における地域開発問題、ローカリズム、新しい社会的原動力の出現 : 「地方の時代」の調査研究



    • Sam Kuhnauw Steffensen サム キューナウ ステフェンセン



Regional development issues, localism, and the emergence of new social dynamics in contemporary Japan : an inquiry into the 'era of localities'


現代日本における地域開発問題、ローカリズム、新しい社会的原動力の出現 : 「地方の時代」の調査研究


Sam Kuhnauw Steffensen


サム キューナウ ステフェンセン




博士 (文学)








  1. TABLE OF CONTENTS / p1 (0004.jp2)
  2. Chapter One:The Frame and Some Basics. / p5 (0008.jp2)
  3. -Introduction / p5 (0008.jp2)
  4. -Japanese Theories on Regional Economy-Two Diverging Directions / p9 (0012.jp2)
  5. -Miyamoto Kenichi and Regional Political Economy / p10 (0013.jp2)
  6. -Yada Toshifumi and Theories on Regional Structures / p12 (0015.jp2)
  7. -Outline and Context of Controversies / p17 (0020.jp2)
  8. -Regional Development Policy Framework in Japan / p19 (0022.jp2)
  9. -Methodical Progress of the Study / p24 (0027.jp2)
  10. Section One National Development Plans,Spatial Transformations,and Social Change / (0029.jp2)
  11. Chapter Two:Economic High-Growth and Public Policies for Industrial Expansion:The Period of the First New Comprehensive National Development Plan,1962-1969. / p26 (0030.jp2)
  12. -The National Land Comprehensive Development Act / p26 (0030.jp2)
  13. -The First Comprehensive National Development Plan / p28 (0032.jp2)
  14. -The New Industrial Cities / p29 (0033.jp2)
  15. -Balance-sheet of Local Industrialization / p30 (0034.jp2)
  16. -Central-Local Relations and Expectations to Industrial Development / p35 (0039.jp2)
  17. Chapter Three:Public Industrial Development Planning and Changing Socio-Economic Climate:The Period of the New Comprehensive National Development Plan(Shinzensoo),1969-1977. / p37 (0041.jp2)
  18. -Large-Scale Development Projects / p37 (0041.jp2)
  19. -Functionally Planning for New Socio-Spatial Structures / p38 (0042.jp2)
  20. -Community Theory and Socio-Spatial Planning Issues / p39 (0043.jp2)
  21. -Administrative Entities and Regional Development Planning / p44 (0048.jp2)
  22. -Development Planning Issues and the Role of Shinzensoo / p45 (0049.jp2)
  23. -The Plan for Remodeling the Japanese Archipelago / p47 (0051.jp2)
  24. -Regional Development and Emerging Social Changes / p48 (0052.jp2)
  25. -New Transnational Industrial Strategies / p55 (0059.jp2)
  26. -Contextual Scholarly Evaluations of Shinzensoo / p56 (0060.jp2)
  27. Chapter Four:Public Planning for New Residential Areas and Regional High-Tech Visions:The Period of the Third Comprehensive National Development Plan(Sanzensoo),1977-1987. / p58 (0062.jp2)
  28. -Integrated Residence Policy and Socio Spatial Planning / p58 (0062.jp2)
  29. -The Nation of Garden Cities Concept / p61 (0065.jp2)
  30. -Sanzensoo and Its Social Setting / p63 (0067.jp2)
  31. -Industrial Structural Changes and the Technopolis Plan / p68 (0072.jp2)
  32. -Industrial Structural Changes and Their Regional Impact / p70 (0074.jp2)
  33. -The Technopolis Concept / p71 (0075.jp2)
  34. -New Policy Directions of Sanzensoo / p79 (0083.jp2)
  35. Chapter Five:Multi-Polarity versus Uni-Polarity,Private Activity,and Development Through Interaction:The Period of the Fourth Comprehensive National Development Plan (Yonzensoo),1987- / p83 (0087.jp2)
  36. -Announcement of the Final Report / p83 (0087.jp2)
  37. -Outline of the Plan / p84 (0088.jp2)
  38. -The Tokyo Problem / p87 (0091.jp2)
  39. -The New Role of Regional Core Cities / p91 (0095.jp2)
  40. -The Technopolis Concept On Its Way Into the 1990s / p97 (0101.jp2)
  41. -Yonzensoo and Resort Planning as Regional Development Policy / p103 (0108.jp2)
  42. -'Furusato Nippon':The Furusato Concept and Local Revitalization / p110 (0115.jp2)
  43. Chapter Six:Politico-Economic Structures of Center-Local Relations / p118 (0123.jp2)
  44. -Coining a Slogan / p118 (0123.jp2)
  45. -Political Centralization and Uniformation as Critical Themes / p122 (0127.jp2)
  46. -Local Financial Structures,Public Works,Subsidies,and Entrepreneurs / p130 (0135.jp2)
  47. -Local Finances,Public Works,Subsidy Schemes and Political Center-Local Dynamics / p134 (0139.jp2)
  48. Chapter Seven:Diversity,Place,and Social Meaning / p139 (0144.jp2)
  49. -Reflections on Japanese Regionalism of the 1970s / p139 (0144.jp2)
  50. -Wake up! Mura-Okoshi Movements and Local Revitalization / p142 (0147.jp2)
  51. -New Themes of Regional Development Approaches / p147 (0152.jp2)
  52. -Social Engineering in National Development Planning / p149 (0154.jp2)
  53. -Development Planning, Diversity and Local Characteristics / p150 (0155.jp2)
  54. -Space,Place,and Social Meaning / p157 (0162.jp2)
  55. -Some Contemporary Features of 'The Era of Localities' / p162 (0167.jp2)
  56. Chapter Eight:Decline in Rural Localities,Backwardness,and Endogenous Development / p178 (0187.jp2)
  57. -Endogenous Development as Ideal / p178 (0187.jp2)
  58. -Endogenous Development Theories in Japan / p179 (0188.jp2)
  59. -Japanese Endogenous Development Theory in Practice / p182 (0191.jp2)
  60. -The Depopulation Problem in Contemporary Japan / p187 (0196.jp2)
  61. -Strategical Directions of Depopulation Counter-Measures / p193 (0202.jp2)
  62. Chapter Nine:Oyama Town-A Pioneer of Locality-Making / p198 (0207.jp2)
  63. -Introduction / p198 (0207.jp2)
  64. -Launching the 'NPC-Movement' / p198 (0207.jp2)
  65. -Hawaii,Kibbutz,and Enoki:New NPC-Revitalization Projects / p200 (0210.jp2)
  66. -Industrial Structure and Labour Market of Oyama Town / p205 (0215.jp2)
  67. -Population Flows and Structural Patterns of Depopulation / p210 (0220.jp2)
  68. -Machi-Zukuri and 'OYT'-The Local Cable Television Network / p213 (0223.jp2)
  69. -100 Million Yen to Create Furusato Oyama / p217 (0227.jp2)
  70. -Oyama in the 1990s:Conceptualizing the Third Master Plan / p223 (0233.jp2)
  71. -The Agenda:Planning For a Paradise Community / p225 (0235.jp2)
  72. -Machi-Zukuri,Master Plan,and Social Exchange Networks / p229 (0239.jp2)
  73. -Current Local Development Perspectives / p232 (0242.jp2)
  74. Chapter Ten:Coal-From Priority Production Policy to Social Policy / p236 (0246.jp2)
  75. -Priority Production Policy / p236 (0246.jp2)
  76. -Rationalization Policy / p236 (0246.jp2)
  77. -Policy Changes / p241 (0251.jp2)
  78. -Some Scholarly Interpretations of the Japanese Coal Policy / p246 (0256.jp2)
  79. Chapter Eleven:Yubari City-From Coal to Melons and Tourism / p250 (0260.jp2)
  80. -Discovery of Coal and the Formation of Yubari City / p250 (0260.jp2)
  81. -Decline,Social Dissolution,and Spatial Transformations / p250 (0260.jp2)
  82. -Hokutan Management in the Period of Final Closures / p256 (0269.jp2)
  83. -Mitsubishi Management in the Period of Final Closures / p258 (0271.jp2)
  84. -Local Labour Unions in the Period of Closures / p259 (0272.jp2)
  85. -The Coal Mine Housewives' Association / p260 (0273.jp2)
  86. -A Brief Outline of Changes in Local Political Leadership / p263 (0276.jp2)
  87. -A Brief Outline of Political Parties' and Citizens Groups' Interests and Situation During The Period of Closures / p264 (0277.jp2)
  88. -Yubaii City New Comprehensive Development Plan 1980-1990 / p267 (0280.jp2)
  89. -Agriculture and Local Revitalization / p269 (0282.jp2)
  90. -Attracting New Manufacturing Industries:Structural Obstacles,Strategies and Results / p275 (0288.jp2)
  91. -Local Tourist Industry and Resort Planning in Yubari / p282 (0295.jp2)
  92. -Remodeling Yubari Into a Tourist City / p291 (0304.jp2)
  93. -Local Finances,Public Subsidy Schemes,and Structural Characteristics / p295 (0309.jp2)
  94. -Master Planning and Local Development Issues of the 1990s / p300 (0314.jp2)
  95. Chapter Twelve:'The Era of Localities',Hardships of Development Planning and Socio-Spatial Changes in Contemporary Japan:Concluding Reflections / p307 (0321.jp2)
  96. -The 'Fuzzy-Logic' of Comprehensive National Development Planning / p307 (0321.jp2)
  97. -Critical Responses to Public Regional Development Projects / p308 (0322.jp2)
  98. -Considerations on the Political Economy of Center-Local Relations / p310 (0324.jp2)
  99. -Some Essential Ideas and Social Dynamics Embedding the 'Era of Localities' / p311 (0325.jp2)
  100. -Place-Making to Counteract Decline in Oyama and Yubari / p314 (0328.jp2)
  101. -A Transforming Sense of Nation:Place-Making and Socio-Spatial Restructurings / p318 (0332.jp2)
  102. Bibliography:English / p325 (0339.jp2)
  103. Japanese / p333 (0347.jp2)
  104. Table of Contents in Japanese / p344 (0358.jp2)


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