Evaluation and control of stress response functions of bacterial cells and their utilization for the integrated bioprocess 微生物細胞のストレス応答機能の評価と制御ならびにその複合バイオプロセスへの応用



    • 馬越, 大 ウマコシ, ヒロシ



Evaluation and control of stress response functions of bacterial cells and their utilization for the integrated bioprocess




馬越, 大


ウマコシ, ヒロシ




博士 (工学)













  1. CONTENTS / p2 (0005.jp2)
  2. General Introduction / p1 (0007.jp2)
  3. Chapter1 Evaluation of Surface Net Hydrophobicity and Local Hydrophobicity of Bacterial Cells and Lipid Membrane by Using Aqueous Two-Phase Partitioning Method / p14 (0014.jp2)
  4. Introduction / p14 (0014.jp2)
  5. Theoretical / p16 (0015.jp2)
  6. Experimental / p18 (0016.jp2)
  7. Results and Discussion / p22 (0018.jp2)
  8. 1.Partitioning behaviors of bacterial cells and characterization of their surface properties in aqueous two-phase systems / p22 (0018.jp2)
  9. 2.Application of aqueous two-phase partitioning method / p33 (0023.jp2)
  10. Summary / p38 (0026.jp2)
  11. Chapter2 Characterization of Intracellular Properties through Kinetic Analysis of Cell Disruption and Product Release Process against Physical Stress / p40 (0027.jp2)
  12. Introduction / p40 (0027.jp2)
  13. Experimental / p42 (0028.jp2)
  14. Results and Discussion / p44 (0029.jp2)
  15. 1.Effective parameters for cell-disruption process / p44 (0029.jp2)
  16. 2.Kinetic analysis of cell disruption process using the specific energy. / p48 (0031.jp2)
  17. 3.Evaluation of cell properties using the disruption and release rate constant / p51 (0032.jp2)
  18. 4.Characterization of hydrophobic interaction between cell surface and hydrophobic polymer by using the rate constants. / p54 (0034.jp2)
  19. Summary / p62 (0038.jp2)
  20. Chapter3 Selective Release and Recovery of Intracellular Enzymes from Escherichia coli using Nonionic Detergent,Triton X-100 / p63 (0038.jp2)
  21. Introduction / p63 (0038.jp2)
  22. Experimental / p65 (0039.jp2)
  23. Results and Discussion / p68 (0041.jp2)
  24. 1.Release of intracellular enzymes from E.coli cells after Triton X-100/EDTA treatment / p68 (0041.jp2)
  25. 2.Relationship between rate constant and detergent dependent term / p71 (0042.jp2)
  26. 3.Relationship between rate constant and cell dependent term / p73 (0043.jp2)
  27. 4.Final correlation and its application / p78 (0046.jp2)
  28. Summary / p81 (0047.jp2)
  29. Chapter4 Evaluation,Analysis and Control of Stress Response Function of Bacterial Cells Induced by Combined Physicochemical Stress. / p83 (0048.jp2)
  30. Introduction / p83 (0048.jp2)
  31. Experimental / p85 (0049.jp2)
  32. Results and Discussion / p88 (0051.jp2)
  33. 1.Typical response of intracellular proteins in E.coli cells after heat treatment / p88 (0051.jp2)
  34. 2.Effects of heating time and temperature on location factor of cytoplasmic β-galactosidase / p91 (0052.jp2)
  35. 3.Change in surface hydrophobicity of outer and inner membrane of E.coli cells after heat stress / p95 (0054.jp2)
  36. 4.Conformational change of β-gal under heat stress / p96 (0055.jp2)
  37. 5.Inhibition of β-gal translocation by induction of HSPs / p98 (0056.jp2)
  38. 6.Combined effect of other stress under the heat stress / p100 (0057.jp2)
  39. 7.Process Design for effective and selective recovery of intracellular β-gal by using its heat induced translocation / p102 (0058.jp2)
  40. Summary / p104 (0059.jp2)
  41. Chapter5 Model Simulation of Heat-Induced Translocation of Entrapped β-Galactosidase Across Lipid Bilayer Membrane / p106 (0060.jp2)
  42. Introduction / p106 (0060.jp2)
  43. Experimental / p108 (0061.jp2)
  44. Results and Discussion / p111 (0062.jp2)
  45. 1.Change of β-gal activity in environmental solution of liposome after heat treatment / p111 (0062.jp2)
  46. 2.Other possibility in heat-induced increase in β-gal activity in environmental solution of liposome / p113 (0063.jp2)
  47. 3.Variation of surface properties of liposomes and β-gal / p117 (0065.jp2)
  48. 4.Possible mechanisms for heat induced translocation of β-gal translocation by induction of HSPs / p123 (0068.jp2)
  49. 5.Simulation of translocation of β-gal based on the simplest model / p125 (0069.jp2)
  50. Summary / p130 (0072.jp2)
  51. Chapter6 Process Integration of Stress-Response Function of Bacterial Cells and Aqueous Two-Phase Systems / p132 (0073.jp2)
  52. Introduction / p132 (0073.jp2)
  53. Scheme for Integration of Stress-Response Function of Cells and ATPS / p134 (0074.jp2)
  54. Experimental / p136 (0075.jp2)
  55. Results and Discussion / p141 (0077.jp2)
  56. 1.Selective recovery of cytoplasmic β-gal / p141 (0077.jp2)
  57. 2.Enhanced Production of cytoplasmic HSPs / p155 (0084.jp2)
  58. Summary / p167 (0090.jp2)
  59. General Conclusion / p168 (0091.jp2)
  60. Suggestion for the Future Work / p173 (0093.jp2)
  61. Nomenclature / p176 (0095.jp2)
  62. Literature Sited / p178 (0096.jp2)
  63. List of Publications / p190 (0102.jp2)
  64. Acknowledgment / p193 (0103.jp2)


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