Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy : applications to chemical systems


Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy : applications to chemical systems

edited by John R. Ferraro and Louis J. Basile

Academic Press, 1978-

  • v. 1
  • v. 2
  • v. 3
  • v. 4

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V. 3 subtitle: techniques using fourier transform interferometry

V. 3 contributors: C. L. Angell ... [et al.]

V. 4 contributors; Michael Coleman ... [et al.]

Includes bibliographies and indexes



The final and largest volume to complete this four-volume treatise is published in response to the intense commercial and research interest in Fourier Transform Interferometry.Presenting current information from leading experts in the field, Volume 4 introduces new information on, for example, applications of Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy in the Far-Infrared Region. The editors place emphasis on surface studies and address advances in Capillary Gas Chromatography - Fourier Transform Interferometry.Volume 4 especially benefits spectroscopists and physicists, as well as researchers in physical, analytical, and surface chemistry.FROM THE PREFACE: Several reasons can be cited for the need to publish Volume 4 in this treatise.First, interest in Fourier transform interferometry (FT-IR) has continued. The number of commercial manufacturers of FT-IR instrumentation has increased, reflecting the increase in demand for such instrumentation. The main thrust in FT-IR instrumentation has focused on applications, and many techniques using FT-IR instrumentation have been generated in order to solve problems heretofore unsolvable. The interest in surfaces relative to catalysts, polymers, and electrical conductors has escalated. Three chapters in Volume 4 are devoted to surfaces. Second, the great acceptance of Volumes 1 through 3 and the demand to continue the treatise have induced us to publish Volume 4.The present volume contains nine chapters, making it the largest of the four volumes. Chapter 1 deals with infrared data processing techniques. Chapter 2 concerns itself with circular dichroism*b1FT-IR. Chapter 3 presents an update on GC*b1FT-IR, a rapidly moving field. Chapter 4 deals with the combination of FT-IR and thermal analysis. Advances in coal analyses using FT-IR are presented in Chapter 5. Reflectance studies are highlighted in Chapters 6, 7, and 8. Chapter 6 deals with structural characterizations made with Langmuir*b1Blodgett monolayers. Also in Chapter 6, the extension of DRIFT into the far-infrared region is shown to be feasible and valuable. Reflection*b1absorption surface studies (FT-IRRAS) are discussed in Chapter 8. Chapter 9 updates us on photoacoustic spectroscopy*b1FT-IR.All of the contributions are made by working experts in these areas. It is the hope that Volume 4 continues in the spirit of the purpose of these volumes, namely, to keep the scientific communities abreast of new developments in FT-IR as applied to chemical systems.


P.C. Gillette, J.B. Lando, and J.L. Koenig, A Survey of Infrared Spectral Data Processing Techniques. P.L. Polavarapu, Fourier Transform Infrared Vibrational Circular Dichroism. K. Krishnan, Advances in Capillary Gas Chromatography*b1Fourier Transform Interferometry. A.G. Nerheim, Applications of Spectral Techniques to Thermal Analysis. P. Painter, M. Starsinic, and M. Coleman, Determination of Functional Groups in Coal by Fourier Transform Interferometry. J.R. Ferraro and A.J. Rein, Applications of Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy in the Far-Infrared Region. J.D. Swalen and J.F. Rabolt, Characterization of Orientation and Lateral Order in Thin Films by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. W.G. Golden, Fourier Transform Infrared Reflection*b1Absorption Spectroscopy. J.A. Graham, W.M. Grim III, and W.G. Fateley, Fourier Transform Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of Condensed-Phase Samples. Each chapter includes references. Index.

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