Papers from the 6th International Conference on Historical Linguistics


Papers from the 6th International Conference on Historical Linguistics

edited by Jacek Fisiak

(Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science, Series IV . Current issues in linguistic theory ; v. 34)

J. Benjamins , Adam Mickiewicz University Press, 1985

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Includes bibliographies and index



This volume presents a selection of papers from the 6th International Conference on Historical Linguistics (ICHL), which was held in 1983, in Poznan, Poland.


  • 1. Preface
  • 2. List of participants
  • 3. Conference programme
  • 4. Divergence and convergence in linguistic evolution (by Birnbaum, Henrik)
  • 5. Areal linguistics and its implications for historical linguistics (by Campbell, Lyle)
  • 6. Paradigm economy in Latin nouns (by Carstairs-McCarthy, Andrew D.)
  • 7. Ablaut: a phoenix in the history of Afrikaans (by Conradie, C. Jac)
  • 8. An analysis and synthesis in sound change (by Danchev, Andrei)
  • 9. On the diachrony of subtractive poerations: evidence for semiotically based models of natural phonology and natural morphology from northern anatolien greek dialects (by Dressler, Wolfgang U.)
  • 10. Did old English have a middle voice? (by Fraser, Thomas H.K.)
  • 11. The vowel /a:/ in English (by Gburek, Hubert)
  • 12. Framing the linguistic actions scene in Old and Present-day English: CWEpAN, SECGAN, SP(R)ECAN and Present-day English SPEAK, TALK, SAY and TELL compared (by Goossens, Louis)
  • 13. Lexical restructuring: rule loss versus rule intersection
  • evidence from Italian (by de Grandis, Rita)
  • 14. Theories of sound change fail if they try predict too much (by Gvozdanovic, Jadranka)
  • 15. Chance and necessity in diachronic syntax - word order typologies and the position of modern Persian relative clauses (by Haider, Hubert)
  • 16. Umlaut as a harmony process (by Hamans, Camiel S.J.N.)
  • 17. Divergent patterns of word prder in contemporary French (by Harris, Martin B.)
  • 18. Articulatory modes and typological universals: the puzzle of Bantu ejectives ans aspirates (by Herbert, Robert K.)
  • 19. Velar segments in Old English and Old Irish (by Hickey, Raymond)
  • 20. On the semasiologization of phonological rules: the semiotic evolution of Finnish consonant gradation (by Holman, Eugene)
  • 21. Another explanation for the development of s before l in Norwegian (by Jahr, Ernst Hakon)
  • 22. Wilhelm Scherer's Zur geschichte der deutschen Sprache: a milestone in 19th-century linguistics (by Jankowsky, Kurt R.)
  • 23. Proto-Indo-European consonantism: methodological and further typological concerns (by Joseph, Brian D.)
  • 24. The place of Saussure's Memoire in the development of historical linguistics (by Koerner, E.F.K.)
  • 25. Indo-European numerals and the sexagesimal system (by Manczak, Witold)
  • 26. Absolute versus relative comparison: typology and development (by Markey, Thomas)
  • 27. Diachronic morphologization: the circumstances surrounding the birth, growth and decline of noun incorporation (by Mithun, Marianne)
  • 28. For a diachrony-in-synchrony analysis (by Nagucka, Ruta)
  • 29. On the possible clusters of mb, nd, and ng in Proto- Japanese (by Peng, Fred C.C.)
  • 30. Are there dysfunctional changes? (by Giacalone Ramat, Anna)
  • 31. The Indo-European origin of the Balti Slavic - e - and - a- preterite (by Rasmussen, Jens Elmegard)
  • 32. Variability in word formation patterns and productivity in the American South (by Schneider, Edgar W.)
  • 33. Rule ordering and the dynamics of diatopic language variation (by Taeldeman, Johan)
  • 34. Le developpement d'un auxiliaire modal en yiddish: lozn 'laiser' (by Taube, Moshe)
  • 35. Confrontation and association (by Traugott, Elizabeth Closs)
  • 36. The bifurcation theory of the Germanic and German consonant shifts: synopsis and some further thoughts (by Vennemann, Theo)
  • 37. Prosodic structures and the development of French schwa (by Verluyten, S. Paul)
  • 38. On the origins and developments of American English (by Viereck, Wolfgang)
  • 39. Quelques problemes des recherche etymologiques sur les emprunts lexicaux (by Walczak, Bogdan)
  • 40. Morphologische Naturlichkeit und morphologischer Wandel. Zur vorhersagbarkeit von sprachveranderungen (by Wurzel, Wolfgang Ullrich)
  • 41. Anders Ahlqvist: Summing up
  • 42. Index of languages
  • 43. Index of names

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