Deeper into pictures : an essay on pictorial representation


Deeper into pictures : an essay on pictorial representation

Flint Schier

(Cambridge studies in philosophy / general editor, Ernest Sosa)

Cambridge University Press, 1986

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This book presents an original theory of the nature of pictorial representation. The most influential recent theory of depiction, put forward by Nelson Goodman, holds that the relation between depictions and what they represent is entirely conventional. Flint Schier argues to the contrary that depiction involves resemblance to the things depicted, providing a sophisticated defence of our basic intuitions on the subject. Canvassing an attractive theory of 'generativity' rather than resemblance, Dr Schier provides a detailed account of depiction, showing how it illuminates and resolves many of the enigmas of pictorial representation while remaining true to our basic intuitions on the subject. Philosophers, psychologists and art theorists will find this a sophisticated and stimulating treatment of one of the central topics in aesthetics.


  • Preface
  • 1. The enigma of depiction
  • 2. The natural and the unnatural
  • 3. A theory of depiction
  • 4. The absence of grammar
  • 5. Recognition and iconic reference
  • 6. Saying it with pictures: what's in an icon?
  • 7. Convention and content
  • 8. Convention and realism
  • 9. Resemblance strikes back
  • 10. Seeing through pictures
  • References
  • Indexes.

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