Philosophy, its history and historiography


Philosophy, its history and historiography

edited by A.J. Holland

(Royal Institute of Philosophy conferences, v. 1983)

D. Reidel, c1985

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Papers presented at the conference organised by the Royal Institute of Philosophy and held at the University of Lancaster in Sept. 1983

Includes index



The Royal Institute of Philosophy has been sponsoring conferences in alternate years since 1969. These have from the start been intended to be of interest to persons who are not philosophers by profession. They have mainly focused on interdisciplinary areas such as the philosophies of psychology, education and the social sciences. The volumes arising from these conferences have included discussions between philosophers and distinguished practitioners of other disciplines relevant to the chosen topic. Beginning with the 1979 conference on 'Law, Morality and Rights' and the 1981 conference on 'Space, Time and Causality' these volumes are now constituted as a series. It is h


The End of Metaphysics: Philosophy's Supreme Fiction?.- `The End of Metaphysics' and the Historiography of Philosophy.- The End of Metaphysics: A Comment.- Reply to Ayers and Manser.- Epistemology without Foundations.- Philosophy after Rorty.- Comment on Rorty.- `Heterodox', `Xenodox', and Hermeneutic Dialogue.- Reply to Mary Hesse.- Occultism and Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century.- Occultism and Reason.- Reply to Simon Schaffer.- First Philosophy and Natural Philosophy in Descartes.- Cartesian Science in France, 1660-1700.- Caricatures in the History of Philosophy: The Case of Spinoza.- Leibniz's Break with Cartesian `Rationalism'.- Lockean Mechanism.- Lockean Mechanism: A Comment.- Hume and the "Metaphysical Argument A Priori".- The Historical and Philosophical Significance of Hume's Theory of the Self.- Kant's Refutation of Idealism.- The Hagiography of Common Sense: Dugald Stewart's Account of the Life and Writings of Thomas Reid.

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