Private politics : a multi-disciplinary approach to "Big-Man" systems


Private politics : a multi-disciplinary approach to "Big-Man" systems

edited by Martin A. van Bakel, Renée R. Hagesteijn, Pieter van de Velde

(Studies in human society, v. 1)

E.J. Brill, 1986

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Acknowledgements Introduction, Martin van Bakel. Renee Hagesteijn and Pieter van de Velde PART ONE THEORETICAL CONSIDERATIONS Make your Son a King: Political Power through Matronage and Motherhood, Joke Schrijvers On settling Down and Becoming a `Big-Man', Sander E. van der Leeuw The `Big-Man': a Melanesian Model in Africa, Albert a Trouwborst Changing Resources, Changing Entrepreneurs, Peter Kloos The `Big-Man' and Ihumatar: Personal Power and Leadership in Melanesia and the Canadian Arctic, Jarich G. Oosten A Cart Burial from a Small Middle Iron Age Cemetery in Nijmegen, Tom Bloemers Early Samoan Leadership between Ascribed and Achieved, Martin A. van Bakel `Trading Places': Political Leadership in Early Southeast Asian States, Renee Hagesteijn `Big-Man', Tyrant, Chief: the Anomalous Starting Point of the State in Classical Greece, Edwards Ch. L. van der Vliet Social Inequality in the European Early Neolithic: Brandkeramik Leadership, Pieter van de Velde An Explanatory Model for Structural Change of a Political System, Alex T. Strating and G. Christiaan Uhlenbeck PART TWO CASE-STUDIES `Big-Man' and his Big Brother: some notes on Incorporation, Martin R. Doornbos The End of the `Big-Man': the image of Geoffrey Plantagenet, Henry Teunis The `Big-Man' and his Small Power-domain: the Rise and Fall of a Village Cacique in 20th Century Spain, Raymond Buve Police-Informers: `Big-Men' Failing their Followers, Heleen Louwe Rising form the Pits: Some Sri Lankan `Big-Men' of Gemming, Victoria J. Baker Up Street, Down Street, Front Street, Back Street: The context of St. Maarten politics, Franklin Tjon Sie Fat Rhetoric a Resource: Malta's Dom Minoff, Jeremy Boissevain PART THREE CONCLUSIONS `Big-Man': from Private Politics to Political Science, Martin van Bakel, Renee Hagesteijn, Pieter van de Velde Index

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