Telecommunication networks : protocols, modeling and analysis


Telecommunication networks : protocols, modeling and analysis

Mischa Schwartz

(Addison-Wesley series in electrical and computer engineering)

Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1987

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Bibliography: p. 721-733

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Written by one of the most respected members of the telecommunication community, this book covers the dramatic changes of the past two decades in the field of telecommunications and the rapidly evolving network technologies of the future. Both packet switching, used to improve data communications, and circuit switching, used in telephone networks, are covered in detail from qualitative discussion to performance analysis. A final chapter devoted to combined aspects of both technologies and to future integrated communication networks rounds out the book. This book will prove to be invaluable for telecommunication engineers, managers, network planners, system analysts, designers, programmers, and other technical personnel interested in current and future aspects of telecommunications. 020116423XB04062001


1. Introduction and Overview. 2. Introduction to Queuing Theory. 3. Layered Architectures in Data Networks. 4. Data Link Layer. 5. Examples and Performance Analysis. 6. Network Layer: Flow Control and Congestion Control. 7. Network Layer: Routing Function Transport Layer. 8. Polling and Random Access in Data Networks. 9. Local Area Networks. 10. Introduction to Circuits Switching. 11. Call Processing in Digital Circuit-switching Systems. 12. The Evolution toward Integrated Networks.

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