Functional anatomy of craniofacial arteries


Functional anatomy of craniofacial arteries

P. Lasjaunias, A. Berenstein

(Surgical neuroangiography / P. Lasjaunias, A. Berenstein, v. 1)

Springer-Verlag, c1987

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"Chapters 1-5 and 7 were partly published in 1980 under the title 'Craninofacial and upper cervical arteries : functional, clinical and angiographic aspects'" -- t.p. verso

"Chapters 8-20 were partly published in 1983 under the title 'Craninofacial and upper cervical arteries : collateral circulation and angiographic protocols'" -- t.p. verso



Embolization has been performed in many European countries and in North America for over 20 years and is now beginning to gain accep- tance in other countries. At first, experience with these techniques was shared in the form of individual case reports; today some centers have treated enough patients to be able to transform this anecdotal material into more concrete data. For the last 10 of these 20 years, the two of us have been deeply involved, encouraged, and stimulated by the interest created by the few pioneers in endovascular techniques. In 1978, when we first met, our discussion on embolization could have been summarized as disagreement. It soon became obvious that these differences were primarily related to our different individual back- grounds. One of us having a strong orientation toward anatomy, and the other toward technique. We realized that these apparently opposing approaches complement each other and decided to combine them to our mutual benefit. This collaboration has matured into the search for improvements in patient care and for the safest, most reliable, and most responsible manner of treatment.


1 Arterial Anatomy: Introduction.- Origins and Divisions.- Hemodynamic Balances.- Fenestration and Duplications.- Principles.- 2 The Internal Maxillary System.- General.- The Maxillary Artery Branches Inside the Cranial Cavity.- The Maxillary Artery Branches Outside the Cranial Cavity.- 3 The Pharyngo-occipital System.- General.- The Ascending Pharyngeal Artery.- The Occipital Artery.- 4 The Upper Cervical Vertebral Column: The Cervical Arteries.- General.- The Cervical Arteries.- 5 The Musculocutaneous Elements of the Head and Mouth.- General.- The Arteries of the Scalp.- Arteries to the Face.- The Arteries of the Floor of the Mouth.- 6 Thyrolaryngeal Arteries.- General.- Branchial Arches.- Entobranchial Pouches.- Pharyngeal Floor.- Conclusion.- The Laryngeal System and its Branches.- Parathyroid Supply.- Thyroid Gland Arteries.- 7 The Transosseous Peripheral Nervous System Arterial Supply.- General.- Supply of the Cranial Nerves.- Supply of the Cervical Roots.- 8 Dangerous Vessels.- 9 Collateral Circulation.- General.- Normally Enlarged and Hypertrophied Vessels.- Collateral Circulation and Skeletal Changes.- Collateral Circulation and Muscular Arteries.- Congenital or Acquired Variation? Normal or Pathological Variation?.- Congenital Hypoplasia and Acquired Hypotrophy.- Hemodynamic Equilibrium.- Effects of High Flow on a Preexisting Arterial Arrangement.- Collateral Circulation and Angiogenesis.- Conclusions.- 10 The Pharyngo-occipital Collateral Pattern.- 11 The Internal Maxillary Collateral Pattern.- 12 The Linguofacial Collateral Pattern.- 13 Multiple Constraints and Chronology of the Collateral Response.- 14 Angiographic Protocols.- General.- Blushes.- Concept of Protocols.- Concept of Compartment.- 15 Angiographic Protocol of the Parasellar Region.- The Lateral Cavernous Sinus and the Orbital Apex.- The Posterior Aspect of the Cavernous Sinus and the Dorsum Sellae.- The Tentorium Cerebelli (Anterior Portion).- 16 Angiographic Protocol of the Posterior Base of the Skull.- Cerebellopontine Angle.- Cerebellar Fossa.- Temporal Bone.- 17 Angiographic Protocol of the Carotid Region.- 18 Angiographic Protocol of the Nasomaxillary Region.- The Cavum.- The Nasal Cavity.- 19 Angiographic Protocol of the Maxillomandibular Region.- 20 Angiographic Protocol of the Temporofacial and Scalp Region.- 21 Angiographic Protocol of the Thyrolaryngeal Region.- References.

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