The Zoogeography of North American freshwater fishes


The Zoogeography of North American freshwater fishes

edited by Charles H.Hocutt and E.O. Wiley

Wiley, c1986

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Bibliography: p. 725-814

Includes indexes



A timely, authoritative monograph that charts the distribution of North American freshwater fish throughout the continent, attempts to explain these observed distribution tendencies, and develops a theory for the dispersal and evolution of these fishes through historical drainage patterns, plate tectonics, and Pleistocene glaciation. Chapters cover ichthyofaunal 'provinces', fossil fishes, population ecology, and the effect of man's introduction of exotic species into the ecosystem.


  • Introduction to the Zoogeography of North American Fishes
  • Ichthyofaunal Patterns on a Geographic Grid
  • Zoogeography on Freshwater Fishes of the Hudson Bay Drainage, Ungava Bay, and the Arctic Archipelago
  • The Fish Fauna of the Laurentian Great Lakes, the St Lawrence Lowlands, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Zoogeography of the Northern Appalachians
  • Zoogeography of the Fishes of the Central Appalachians and the Central Atlantic Coastal Plain
  • Zoogeography of the Freshwater Fishes of the Southeastern United States' Savannah River to Lake Ponchartrain
  • Zoogeographic Implications of the Mississippi River Basin
  • Zoogeography of Fishes of the Lower Ohio-Upper Mississippi Basin
  • Drainage Evolution and Fish Biogeography of the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers Drainage Relm
  • Fishes in the Western Mississippi Drainage
  • Zoogeography of Freshwater Fishes of the Western Gulf Slope
  • The Evolution of the Rio Grande Basin as Inferred from Its Fish Fauna
  • Origin and Geography of the Fishes of Central Mexico
  • Geography of Western North America Freshwater Fishes' Description and Relationships to Intracontinental Tectonism
  • Zoogeography of the Freshwater of Cascadia (The Columbia System and Rivers North to the Stikine)
  • Zoogeography of Fishes of the Yukon and Mackenzie Basins
  • Distribution of Exotic Fishes in North America
  • Review of the Fossil History of North America Freshwater Fishes
  • Literature Cited
  • Index.

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