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Pesticide resistance : strategies and tactics for management

Committee on Strategies for the Management of Pesticide Resistant Pest Populations, Board on Agriculture, National Research Council

National Academy Press, 1986

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Contains papers from a symposium held in Washington, Nov. 27-29, 1984

Includes bibliographies and index

Description and Table of Contents


Based on a symposium sponsored by the Board on Agriculture, this comprehensive book explores the problem of pesticide resistance; suggests new approaches to monitor, control, or prevent resistance; and identifies the changes in public policy necessary to protect crops and human health from the ravages of pests. The volume synthesizes the most recent information from a wide range of disciplines, including entomology, genetics, plant pathology, biochemistry, economics, and public policy. It also suggests research avenues that would indicate how to counter future problems. A glossary provides the reader with additional guidance.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Front Matter
  • 2 Executive Summary
  • 3 1 Introduction
  • 4 The Magnitude of the Resistance Problem
  • 5 2 Genetics, Biochemical, and Physiological Mechanisms of Resistance to Pesticides
  • 6 Modes and Genetics of Herbicide Resistance in Plants
  • 7 Genetics and Biochemistry of Insecticide Resistance in Arthropods: Prospects for the Future
  • 8 Resistance to 4-Hydroxycoumarin Anticoagulants in Rodents
  • 9 Plant Pathogens
  • 10 Chemical Strategies for Resistance Management
  • 11 Biotechnology in Pesticide Resistance Development
  • 12 3 Population Biology of Pesticide Resistance: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practical Applications
  • 13 Factors Influencing the Evolution of Resistance
  • 14 Population Dynamics and the Rate of Evolution of Pesticide Resistance
  • 15 Computer Simulation as a Tool for Pesticide Resistance Management
  • 16 Pleiotropy and the Evolution of Genetic Systems Conferring Resistance to Pesticides
  • 17 Quantitative Genetic Models and the Evolution of Pesticide Resistance
  • 18 Managing Resistance to Rodenticides
  • 19 Response of Plant Pathogens to Fungicides
  • 20 Experimental Population Genetics and Ecological Studies of Pesticide Resistance in Insects and Mites
  • 21 4 Detection, Monitoring, and Risk Assessment
  • 22 Prediction or Resistance Risk Assessment
  • 23 Detection and Monitoring of Resistant Forms: An Overview
  • 24 5 Tactics for Prevention and Management
  • 25 Resistance to Weeds
  • 26 Preventing or Managing Resistance in Arthropods
  • 27 Preventing and Managing Fungicide Resistance
  • 28 Case Histories of Anticoagulant Resistance
  • 29 6 Implementing Management of Resistance to Pesticides
  • 30 Actions and Proposed Policies for Resistance Management by Agricultural Chemical Manufacturers
  • 31 Pesticide Resistance Management: An Ex-Regulator's View
  • 32 The Role of Regulatory Agencies in Dealing With Pesticide Resistance
  • 33 The Role of Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Consultants in Pesticide Resistance Management
  • 34 Integration of Policy for Resistance Management
  • 35 Economic Issues in Public and Private Approaches to Perserving Pest Susceptibility
  • 36 Glossary
  • 37 Index

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