Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory, Delft, The Netherlands, 11-13 July 1984


Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory, Delft, The Netherlands, 11-13 July 1984

edited by J. Volmuller and R. Hamerslag

VNU Science Press, 1984

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The Ninth International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory, held in the Netherlands in July 1984, follows the tradition of broad international information exchange that was developed at the eight previous symposia. Over the years the scope of the symposia has gradually widened to become both more international and more comprehensive than that of the earlier meetings. The Ninth Symposium continues this trend by including papers on a wide range of theoretical issues by leading members of the international research community.


1. An Approximative Analysis of the Hydrodynamic Theory on Traffic Flow and a Formulation of a Traffic Simulation Model 2. Macroscopic Freeway Model for Dense Traffic - Stop-Start Waves and Incident Detection 3. Headway Distribution Model Based on the Distinction Between Leaders and Followers 4. Dynemo: A Model for the Simulation of Traffic Flow in Motorway Networks 5. Improved Continuum Models of Freeway Flow 6. Delay at a Junction where there is Priority for Buses 7. Study and Numerical Modelling of Non-stationary Traffic Flow Demands at Signalized Intersections 8. A Traffic Flow Model With Time Dependent o-D Patterns 9. Evaluation of Dimensionality Reduction on Network Traffic Pattern Recognition 10. Optimal Signal Controls on Congested Networks 11. Stability and Sensitivity Analysis for the General Network Equilibrium-travel Choice Model 12. Bounding the Solution of the Continuous Equilibrium Network Design Problem 13. Equilibrium Flows in a Network with Congested Links 14. A Descent Algorithm for Solving a Variety of Monotone Equilibrium Problems 15. Modelling Inter Urban Route Choice Behaviour 16. Optimal Transit Timetables for a Fixed Vehicle Fleet 17. The Dynamic Vehicle Allocation Problem with Uncertain Demands 18. The Prediction of Interregional Goods Vehicle Flows: Some New Modelling Concepts 19. Estimating Time-dependent Trip Matrices from Traffic Counts 20. Matrix Entry Estimation Errors 21. A Systems Dynamics Approach to the Estimation of Entry and Exit OD Flows 22. Log-linear Models for the Estimation of Origin-Destination Matrices from Traffic Counts: An Approximation 23. Transferability of Diaaggregate Trip Generation Models 24. A Model of Constrained Binary Choice 25. Estimation of Disaggregate Regression Models of Person Trip Generation with Multiday Data 26. Diaaggregate Models of Mode Choices: An Assessment of Performance and Suggestions for Improvement 27. Models of Employee Work Schedule

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