Sport in America : new historical perspectives


Sport in America : new historical perspectives

edited by Donald Spivey

(Contributions to the study of popular culture, no. 12)

Greenwood Press, 1985

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Bibliography: p. [263]-264

Includes index


  • Horses and gentlemen : the cultural significance of gambling among the gentry of Virginia / T.H. Breen
  • Leisure time on the Southern plantation : the slaves' respite from constant toil, 1810-1860 / David K. Wiggins
  • Quantification and sport : the American Jockey Club, 1866-1867 : a collective bibliography / Melvin L. Adelman
  • Baseball in the small Ohio community, 1865-1900 / Carl M. Becker and Richard H. Grigsby
  • In the ring and out : professional boxing in New York, 1896-1920 / Steven A. Riess
  • Lefties and righties : the Communist Party and sports during the Great Depression / Mark Naison
  • White America views Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, and Muhammad Ali / Frederic Cople Jaher
  • Women and sport / Stephanie L. Twin
  • Sports violence and social crisis / Peter Levin and Peter Vinten-Johansen
  • Black consciousness and Olympic protest movement, 1964-1980 / Donald Spivey



This stimulating anthology provides a scholarly perspective on the history of sport. New and exciting dimensions of sport history are introduced by exploring its political, economic, social, and cultural aspects. Race relations and racism in sport, the interaction of sports and politics, sexism and the role of women in sports, and the role that the profit motive plays in sports are among the topics covered. The impact of American attitudes toward violence as they apply to sport, and sport's powerful role in reinforcing class values are also reviewed from a historical perspective.

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