Cavitation and inhomogeneities in underwater acoustics : proceedings of the first international conference, Göttingen, Fed. Rep. of Germany, July 9-11, 1979


Cavitation and inhomogeneities in underwater acoustics : proceedings of the first international conference, Göttingen, Fed. Rep. of Germany, July 9-11, 1979

editor, W. Lauterborn

(Springer series in electrophysics, v. 4)

Springer-Verlag, 1980

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Includes bibliographical references and index



I Cavitation.- Cavitation and Coherent Optics.- On the Dynamics of Non-Spherical Bubbles.- Oscillation and Collapse of a Cavitation Bubble in the Vicinity of a Two-Liquid Interface.- Experimental Investigation of Bubble Collapse at Laser-Induced Breakdown in Liquids.- Application of High Speed Holocinematographical Methods in Cavitation Research.- Bubble Collapse Studies at a Million Frames per Second.- Holographic Generation of Multi-Bubble Systems.- The Dynamics and Acoustic Emission of Bubbles Driven by a Sound Field.- Free and Forced Oscillations of Spherical Gas Bubbles and Their Translational Motion in a Compressible Fluid.- Acoustic Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics Due to a Tension Wave.- Some New Results on Cavitation Threshold Prediction and Bubble Dynamics.- Acoustic Cavitation Thresholds in Water.- The Influence of Modest Overpressures on the Persistence of Air Bubbles in Water.- On the Collapse of Cavity Clusters in Flow Cavitation.- Effect of Polarization on Electric Pulses Produced by Cavitation Bubbles.- Cavitation Effects at Megahertz Frequencies.- Nonlinear Sound-Scattering by Small Bubbles.- Dynamics of a Cylindrical Cavity in a Boundless Compressible Liquid.- II Sound Waves and Bubbles.- Sound and Shock Waves in Bubbly Liquids.- On the Amplification of Modulated Acoustic Waves in Gas-Liquid Mixtures.- Self-Induced Transparency and Frequency Conversion Effects for Acoustic Waves in Water Containing Gas Bubbles.- Pressure Waves in a Liquid with Gas or Vapour Bubbles.- Dynamics of a Liquid with Gas Bubbles During Interaction with Short Large-Amplitude Pulses.- Shock Wave Transformation in Bubbly Liquids.- Relaxation Effects in the Propagation of Underwater Shock Waves.- III Bubble Spectrometry.- Acoustical Bubble Spectrometry at Sea.- Acoustical Scattering from Near-Surface Bubble Layers.- Density of Air-Bubbles Below the Sea Surface, Theory and Experiments.- Acoustic Measurements of the Gas Bubble Spectrum in Water.- Determination of Bubble Size Spectra by Digital Processing of Holograms.- Determination of Bubble Sizes by Far Field Diffraction of Photographic Recordings.- Complementing Discussion Contribution to the Papers of H. Medwin, Ir.P. Schippers, and A. Lovik.- IV Partiole Detection.- Acoustical Detection of Astrophysical Neutrinos in the Ocean.- V Inhomogeneities in Ocean Acoustics.- Inhomogeneities in Underwater Acoustics.- Sound Propagation in an Inhomogeneous Ocean.- Acoustic Fluctuations in the Ocean.- Mesoscale Inhomogeneities and Turbulence in Ocean Acoustics.- On the Influence of Stochastic Sound Speed Variations on Acoustic Transmission Loss in Shallow Water.- The Inverse Backscattering Problem - a Different Approach.- Index of Contributors.

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