Mind, language, and reality


Mind, language, and reality

Hilary Putnam

(Philosophical papers / Hilary Putnam, v. 2)

Cambridge University Press, 1975

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Professor Hilary Putnam has been one of the most influential and sharply original of recent American philosophers in a whole range of fields. His most important published work is collected here, together with several new and substantial studies, in two volumes. The first deals with the philosophy of mathematics and of science and the nature of philosophical and scientific enquiry; the second deals with the philosophy of language and mind. Volume one is now issued in a new edition, including an essay on the philosophy of logic first published in 1971.


  • Introduction
  • 1. Language and philosophy
  • 2. The analytic and synthetic
  • 3. Do true assertions correspond to reality?
  • 4. Some issues in the theory of grammar
  • 5. The 'innateness hypothesis' and explanatory models in linguistics
  • 6. How not to talk about meaning
  • 7. Review of The concept of a person
  • 8. Is semantics possible?
  • 9. The refutation of conventionalism
  • 10. Reply to Gerald Massey
  • 11. Explanation and reference
  • 12. The meaning of 'meaning'
  • 13. Language and reality
  • 14. Philosophy and our mental life
  • 15. Dreaming and 'depth grammar'
  • 16. Brains and behaviour
  • 17. Other minds
  • 18. Minds and machines
  • 19. Robots: machines or artificially created life?
  • 20. The mental life of some machines
  • 21. The nature of mental states
  • 22. Logical positivism and the philosophy of mind
  • Bibliography
  • Index.

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