Water treatment principles and design


Water treatment principles and design

James M. Montgomery, Consulting Engineers, Inc

Wiley, c1985

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"A Wiley-Interscience publication."

Includes bibliographies and index



This book is devoted to the principles of water treatment and the design of water treatment facilities. It is intended for the practitioner, the on-the-line person who actually is responsible for putting something on paper so that it can be constructed and operated. The end product has to be a potable water that people can drink and utilize in a safe manner. The book also should be of value to the student as a reference on some process or design problem in which he or she may be interested. It covers both theory and practice to the best of our knowledge, but with the constraint of wanting to put the information in one reasonable-size book.


Physical and Chemical Quality. Microbiological Quality. Water Quality Criteria and Standards. Principles of Process Engineering. Precipitation, Coagulation, Flocculation. Gravity Separation. Filtration. Adsorption. Ion Exchange and Demineralization. Gas Transfer. Disinfection. Residuals Management. Water Reuse. Inorganics. Organics. Taste and Odor. Corrosion. Predesign. Plant Siting. Facilities Design. Special Plant Hydraulic Topics. Process Control. Operation and Maintenance. Construction and Operating Cost Estimating. Index.

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