Political opposition in one-party States


    • Schapiro, Leonard Bertram


Political opposition in one-party States

Edited by Leonard Schapiro

(Studies in comparative politics)

Wiley, [1972]


Government and opposition

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"A Halsted Press book."

"An anthology of articles and review articles ... which have appeared in Government and opposition since ... 1965."

Includes bibliographical references


  • Introduction by L. Schapiro
  • Can the party alone run a one-party State? A discussion
  • Putting the lid on Leninism, by L. Schapiro
  • Political power in Yugoslavia, by J. Djordjević
  • Background to the study of opposition in communist Eastern Europe, by H. G. Skilling
  • Czechoslovakia, 1938, 1948, and 1968, by H. Seton-Watson
  • Political change in Czechoslovakia, by A. H. Brown
  • A communist Rechtsstaat? The case of Yugoslave constitutionalism, by W. M. Fisk
  • Scientific truth and political authority in the Soviet Union, by D. Holloway
  • The Albanian political experience, by J. Birch
  • Controlling dissent in the Soviet Union, by D. E. Powell
  • The second generation socialism, by Z. Baumann
  • On totalitarianism, by H. Seton-Watson
  • In defence of a concept, by C. J. Friedrich
  • The origins of national communism in Yugoslavia, by P. Auty
  • Totalitarianism in the doghouse, by L. Schapiro

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