Introduction to anesthesia : the principles of safe practice


Introduction to anesthesia : the principles of safe practice

[by] Robert D. Dripps, James E. Eckenhoff [and] Leroy D. Vandam. Line drawings by Leroy D. Vandam

Saunders, 1972

4th ed

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A market leader and a highly respected reference, this text explains how diagnostic ultrasound works and helps readers scan safely, properly handle artifacts, evaluate instrument performance, and prepare for registry and board examinations. It covers all essential aspects of ultrasound physics, including Doppler, artifacts, safety, quality assurance, and the newest technologies. Information is presented dynamically, with a multitude of boxes and tables and over 1,300 illustrations. Focusing on the most basic and essential equations, this book simplifies complicated mathematical concepts.


PART 1 SONOGRAPHIC PRINCIPLES CHAPTER 1 Introduction Sonography Doppler Ultrasound Review Exercises CHAPTER 2 Ultrasound Sound Pulsed Ultrasound Attenuation Echoes Review Exercises CHAPTER 3 Transducers Construction and Operation Beams and Focusing Automatic Scanning Detail Resolution Review Exercises CHAPTER 4 Imaging Instruments Beam Former Signal Processor Image Processor Display Review Exercises PART 2 DOPPLER PRINCIPLES CHAPTER 5 Doppler Effect Flow Stenoses Doppler Equation Doppler Angle Review Exercises CHAPTER 6 Color-Doppler Instruments Color-Doppler Principle Instruments Doppler-Shift Displays Doppler-Power Displays Review Exercises CHAPTER 7 Spectral-Doppler Instruments Continuous-Wave Instruments Pulsed-Wave Instruments Spectral Analysis Spectral Displays Review Exercises PART 3 MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS CHAPTER 8 Artifacts Propagation Attenuation Spectral Doppler Color Doppler Review Exercises CHAPTER 9 Performance and Safety Performance Measurements Output Measurements Bioeffects Safety Review Exercises CHAPTER 10 Review Comprehensive Exam Glossary Answers to Exercises Appendix A: Compilation of Key Points Appendix B: List of Symbols Appendix C: Compilation of Equations Appendix D: Compilation of Boxes and Tables Appendix E: Mathematics Review Appendix F: Physics Review Appendix G: Additional Material for Exam Preparation Appendix H: Compilation of Advanced Topics Appendix I: Doppler Principles (condensed) References Index

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