Hardware description languages


Hardware description languages

edited by R.W. Hartenstein

(Advances in CAD for VLSI, v. 7)

North-Holland , Sole distributors for the U.S.A. and Canada, Elsevier Science, 1987

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Includes bibliographies and index



Presenting a systematic description of the structure of the discipline, this book covers fundamentals, history and recent research. Emphasis is placed on both basic techniques, methods and algorithms, as well as on descriptions of existing design tools. Together with the previous volume in the series, this issue is devoted to recent approaches which span the whole design phase. The integrated approach combining system design and VLSI design is also treated in these volumes, suggesting a major trend for the future. As part of the series, it aims to help CAD specialists to obtain a better understanding of the problems in one particular area. At the same time, it should give beginners a solid basis for doing research in areas of VLSI CAD.


Introduction (R.W. Hartenstein). The Classification of Hardware Description Languages (R.W. Hartenstein). Application-Oriented HDL Specializations. Data Path Descriptions (K. Lemmert). Control Part Descriptions and Languages for Microprogramming (P. Prinetto). Interface and I/O Protocol Descriptions (A.C. Parker, N. Park). Graphic Hardware Description Languages (U. Welters). Languages for Simulator Activation and Tester Operation (A. Mavridis). HDL Applications. Conceptual Design Based on HDL Use (K. Lemmert, W. Nebel). Silicon Compilation from HDL and Similar Sources (M. Glesner et al.). Test Pattern Generation from HDL and Similar Sources (S.Y.H. Su, T. Lin). Hardware Verification Based on HDL Sources (M. Fujita). RT Languages in Goal-Oriented CAD Algorithms (A. Wodtko). Fault Simulators at Functional Level (M. Melgara). HDL Subsystem of an Integrated CAD System (G. Girardi, S. Giorcelli, G. Giandonato). Implementation Techniques for Multi-Level Hardware Description Languages (D. Borrione, C. Le Faou). Standardization Efforts. The CONLAN Project: Concepts, Implementations and Applications (R. Piloty, D. Borrione). The Electronic Design Interchange Format (EDIF) - Proposed Standard (P.H. Stanford).

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