The way of the world : the Bildungsroman in European culture


The way of the world : the Bildungsroman in European culture

Franco Moretti ; [translated by Albert Sbragia]

Verso, 1987

  • : pbk

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Translated from Italian

Includes bibliographical references and index



Wilhelm Meister, Elizabeth Bennet, Julien Sorel, Rastignac, Jane Eyre, Bazaroz, Dorothea Brooke ... the golden age of the European novel discovers a new collective protagonist: youth. It is problematic and restless youth--"strange" characters, as their own creators often say--arising from the downfall of traditional societies. But even more than that, youth is the symbolic figure for European modernity: that sudden mix of great expectations and lost illusions that the bourgeois world learns to "read," and to accept, as if it were a novel. "The Way of the World," with its unique combination of narrative theory and social history, interprets the "Bildungsroman" as the great cultural mediator of nineteenth-century Europe: a form which explores the many strange compromises between revolution and restoration, economic take-off and aesthetic pleasure, individual autonomy and social normality.

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