Guns and garlic : myths and realities of organized crime


Guns and garlic : myths and realities of organized crime

by Frederic D. Homer

Purdue University Press, 1974

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"The author acknowledges the contribution of David A. Caputo"

Includes bibliographical references and index



With the appearance of Homer's study, it is no longer possible to base any serious work about organized crime on the superficial debate over whether or not this set of activities is dominated by one or more particular ethnic groups, writes political scientist Michael A. Weinstein in his introduction. Homer removes the study of organized crime from the realm of sensationalism and ethnic chauvinism, and places it in the context of contemporary American social structure. He reviews prevalent myths and hypotheses about organized crime and critically analyzes them in the framework of contemporary organization theory. In this context, organized crime is analyzed in its economic, political, ethnic, and social class dimensions.

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