A new theory of urban design


A new theory of urban design

Christopher Alexander ... [et al.]

(Center for environmental structure series, v. 6)

Oxford University Press, 1987

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In this radical new look at the theory and practice of urban design, Christopher Alexander asks why our modern cities so often lack a sense of natural growth, and suggests a set of rules and guidelines by which we can inject that `organic' character back into our High Streets, buildings, and squares. At a time when so many of Britain's inner cities are undergoing, or are in need of, drastic renovation, Christopher Alexander's detailed account of his own experiments in urban-renewal in San Francisco makes thought-provoking reading.


INTRODUCTION PART I. THEORY 1: The Idea of a Growing Whole 2: The Overriding Rule 3: The Seven Detailed Rules of Growth PART II. EXPERIMENT PART III. EVALUATION ACKNOWLEDGMENTS

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