An introduction to cable roof structures


An introduction to cable roof structures

H.A. Buchholdt

Cambridge University Press, 1985

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Includes bibliographies and index



This introduction to cable roof structures contains all the information essential to the design and construction of such a roof. The author surveys structural systems and deals with methods of static and dynamic analysis, methods for generating wind and earthquake loading for nonlinear structures, and for calculating the resistance of tension anchors. In addition Professor Buchholdt explains simple hand methods for preliminary dimensioning and gives tables of deflections and forces in non-dimensional form for various types of cable beams and for some typical forms of cable net roofs. He concludes with a summary of his own experience in relation to the design of these types of structures and considers the importance of early cooperation between architects, consulting engineers and contractors. Although this book is written for designers and students of cable roof structures, the numerical techniques and methods presented are equally applicable to other forms of structures, such as suspension bridges, cable stayed bridges, guyed masts and other forms of nonlinear skeletal stuctures.

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