Education, unemployment and labour markets


Education, unemployment and labour markets

edited by P. Brown and D. N. Ashton

Falmer Press, 1987

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Includes bibliiographical references and index



The relationship between the family, education and the labour market is the subject of this book - findings of sociologists which includes evidence on the impact of YTS, the effects of unemployment and the changing structure of the labour market.


  • Schooling for inequality? ordinary kids in school and the labour market, Phillip Brown
  • the labour market in school - new vocationalism and issues of socially ascribed discrimination, Shane J.Blackburn
  • coming to terms with the declining demand for youth labour, A.Furlong
  • inner city decline and regeneration - young people and the labour market in London's Docklands, Andrew Church and Pat Ainley
  • coming of age in South Wales, Sue Hutson and Richard Jenkins
  • from generation to generation - the effects of employment and unemployment upon the domestic life cycle of young adults, Claire Wallace
  • youth training, life chances and orientations to work - a case study of the Youth Training Scheme, David Lee et al
  • labour market segmentation and the structure of the youth labour market, David Ashton et al
  • rural youth labour markets, Jill Turbin and Elliot Stern
  • youth rates of pay and unemployment, Ken Roberts et al
  • youth unemployment in the UK 1979-1984, David Raffe.

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