Medieval and modern Greek


Medieval and modern Greek

Robert Browning

Cambridge University Press, 1983

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Bibliography: p. 138-148

Includes index



To speakers of modern Greek the Homeric poems of the 7th century BC are not written in a foreign language. The Greek language has enjoyed a continuous tradition from earliest times until now. This book traces its history from the immediately post-classical or Hellenistic period to the present day. The aim is both to analyse the changing structure of a language stabilised by a peculiarly long and continuous literary tradition, and to show how changing historical circumstances are reflected in its development. In particular the historical roots of modern Greek's internal bilingualism are traced.


  • Preface
  • 1. Introductory
  • 2. Greek in the Hellenistic world and the Roman empire
  • 3. The Greek language in the early middle ages (6th century-1100)
  • 4. The Greek Language in the later middle ages (1100-1453)
  • 5. Greek in the Turkish period
  • 6. The development of the national language
  • 7. The dialects of modern Greek
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Greek words mentioned in the text.

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