Chisum on patents : a treatise on the law of patentability, validity and infringement


Chisum on patents : a treatise on the law of patentability, validity and infringement

Donald S. Chisum

M. Bender, 1978-


Patents : a treatise on the law of patentability, validity and infringement

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Previously published under title : Patents : a treatise on the law of patentability, validity and infringement

Description based on: v. 1, t.p., rel. no. 86, December 2002

Includes bibliographical references and index



This work provides every legal detail needed to understand, secure and protect a patent claim. "Chisum on Patents" is a recognized authority on US patent law, cited by courts in all jurisdictions as well as the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This treatise encompasses the laws of patents in the United States - the principles, rules and applications surrounding what can be patented, whether a patent is valid and patent infringement issues. Important sections include discussions of the historical background, statutory provisions and major court decisions for each area. Coverage includes the changes effected by the American Inventor Protection Act on US patent law; types of patentable subject matter; discussion of fundamental requirements of patentability (originality, novelty, utility, non-obviousness); perfecting rights; PTO procedures; and infringement issues. Primary source materials include: US Patent Act, PTO Rules of Practice, Patent Cooperation Treaty, and the Paris Convention. The Federal Circuit Guide volume includes topically arranged outlines providing abstracts of all published decisions of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The price quoted for the work covers one year's worth of service (five updates).


  • Eligible subject matter
  • originality
  • novelty, utility
  • nonobviousness
  • statutory bars
  • adequate disclosure
  • claims
  • double patenting
  • priority
  • patent and trademark office procedures
  • restriction, continuation applications
  • priority by foreign filing
  • reissue
  • direct infringement
  • contributory infringement
  • intepretation and application of claims
  • defenses
  • remedies
  • jurisdiction and procedure in patent litigation
  • ownership and transfer.

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