Foundations--logic, language, and mathematics


Foundations--logic, language, and mathematics

edited by Hugues Leblanc, Elliott Mendelson, and Alex Orenstein

D. Reidel Pub., c1984

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Includes bibliographies

"Reprinted from Synthese, vol.60 Nos.1 and 2"--t.p.



The more traditional approaches to the history and philosophy of science and technology continue as well, and probably will continue as long as there are skillful practitioners such as Carl Hempel, Ernest Nagel, and th~ir students. Finally, there are still other approaches that address some of the technical problems arising when we try to provide an account of belief and of rational choice. - These include efforts to provide logical frameworks within which we can make sense of these notions. This series will attempt to bring together work from all of these approaches to the history and philosophy of science and technology in the belief that each has something to add to our understanding. The volumes of this series have emerged either from lectures given by authors while they served as honorary visiting professors at the City College of New York or from conferences sponsored by that institution. The City College Program in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology oversees and directs these lectures and conferences with the financial aid of the Association for Philosophy of Science, Psychotheraphy, and Ethics. MARTIN TAMNY RAPHAEL STERN PREFACE The papers in this collection stem largely from the conference 'Foun- dations: Logic, Language, and Mathematics' held at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York on 14-15 November 1980.


A Symmetric Approach to Axiomatizing Quantifiers and Modalities.- The Knowing Mathematician.- "Conservative" Kripke Closures.- Frege, Le?niewski, and Information Semantics on the Resolution of Antinomies.- De Finetti's Probabilism.- Probability Functions and Their Assumption Sets - The Binary Case.- Logic and Reasoning.- Paradoxes.- Referential and Nonreferential Substitutional Quantifiers.- Foundations for Analysis and Proof Theory.- Chameleonic Languages.- Relational Model Systems: The Craft of Logic.- Realizability and Intuitionistic Logic.

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