Population genetics & fishery management


Population genetics & fishery management

Nils Ryman and Fred Utter, editors

Washington Sea Grant Program : Distributed by University of Washington Press, c1987

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Literature cited: p. 369-418

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Since the first publication of Population Genetics and Fishery Management in 1987, significant technological, analytical and conceptual changes have occurred in the topic area of this book, and it is now long out of print but a demand for this book has persisted, as reflected by its translation into Russian in 1991, and the high current price of the occasional copy that becomes available on the used book market. Colleagues who have encouraged this reprinting have said that by explaining basic population genetics in a fisheries context, the book continues to serve as an excellent starting point for approaching complex recent developments. This book grew out of a series of lectures by Dr. Nils Ryman (Stockholm University) on genetics and fisheries management. Together with Dr. Fred Utter (U.S. National Marine Fisheries Services), they have edited contributions from 24 authors from four continents. The editors deliberately chose contributing authors who are primarily geneticists rather than fisheries managers with the intention of encouraging the application of the principles of population genetics to fisheries management. "Although most of the information collected in this book is available in other places, nowhere else has it been directed specifically to fisheries and related problems. One of its strengths lies in the fact that the chapters are written by first-class researchers in the topics discussed. This ensures that the material is up to date, and it also makes the book very useful to other researchers. I strongly recommend it to all students, scientists and managers of fisheries." New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 1987

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