SALT: problems & prospects


SALT: problems & prospects

edited by Morton A. Kaplan

General Learning Press, [1973]

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Papers prepared for the Arms Control and Foreign Policy Seminar of the Center for Policy Study at the University of Chicago, presented during the winter of 1970-71

Includes bibliographical references


  • Kaplan, M. A. SALT and the international system
  • Bull, H. Strategic arms limitation: the precedent of the Washington and London naval treaties
  • Holst, J. J. Comparative U.S. and Soviet deployments, doctrines, and arms limitation
  • Garwin, R. Superpower postures in SALT: an American view
  • Perle, R. Superpower postures in SALT: the language of arms control
  • Wyle, F. S. U.S., Europe, SALT, and strategy
  • Beaton, L. Secondary and almost-nuclear powers: how do they affect strategic arms limitation?
  • Gelber, H. G. Nuclear weapons, the Pacific, and SALT
  • Dyson, F. J. Arms control and technological change
  • Appendix (p. [221]-243): The SALT agreements and their interpretations