A modern Persian prose reader


A modern Persian prose reader

by H. Kamshad

Cambridge University Press, 1968

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In Persian, Prefatory matter in English



First published in 1968, this volume of Persian language texts is intended to accompany the author's Modern Persian Prose Literature (Cambridge, 1966). It contains representative passages from the works of major Persian writers, which are taken from the hundred years preceding the original publication date. Sections are organised by author and are prefaced by a brief account of the life and writings. There is also a glossary at the end of text containing the meanings of more difficult words and providing contextual information to aid the reader's understanding. This accessible collection will be of value to students of the Persian language and anyone with an interest in untranslated Persian literature.


  • 1. Mirza Malkom Khan: The Oracular Notebook
  • 2. 'Abdul-Rahim Najjarzada (Talibuff): Ahmad's Book
  • 3. Hajj Zaynu'l-Abidin Maragha'i: The Travel Diary of Ibrahim Beg
  • 4. Mirza Habib Isfahani: The Adventures of Hajji Bab of Ispahan
  • 5. 'Ali Akbar Dihkhuda: 'Charand Parand' ('Balderdash')
  • 6. Murtaza Mushfiq Kazimi: The Horrors of Tehran
  • 7. Jahangir Jalili: I have Cried A Well
  • 8. Muhammad Mas'ud: Night Diversions and Flowers that Grow in Hell
  • 9. 'Ali Dashti: Prison Days, Fitna and A Portrait of Hafiz
  • 10. Muhammad Hijazi: 'The Biography of a Great Philosopher' and 'Love's Nest'
  • 11. Muhammad 'Ali Jamalzada: 'Everyman to his Deserts'
  • 12. Sadiq Hidayat: 'Hajji Murad', 'The Patient Stone' and The Message of Kafka
  • 13. Buzurg 'Alavi: 'The Lead Soldier' and Her Eyes
  • 14. Jalal Al-i Ahmad: 'Mobilizing the People' and The Headmaster
  • 15. Sadiq Chubak: 'Monsieur Ilyas' and Native of Tangistan
  • 16. Muhammad I'timadzada (Bih Azin): 'The Spring and the Sea'
  • 17. Taqi Mudarrisi: Yakulya and her Loneliness
  • 18. 'Ali Muhammad Afghani: Mrs Ahu's Husband
  • Abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Notes.

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