The Physics of the planets : their origin, evolution and structure


The Physics of the planets : their origin, evolution and structure

edited by S.K. Runcorn

Wiley, c1988

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"NATO advanced study institute ... held in School of Physics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 9-20th April 1985"--P. opp. t.p.

Includes bibliographies and indexes



Provides an excellent overview of the current state of knowledge of the geophysics of planets. The discussions cover several aspects of planetary composition, both surface and atmospheric, including planetary mechanics, circulation, origin, and modelling. Contributions include reviews of the literature and experimental results. The contributors to this book are all world-renowned experts who participated in the NATO Advanced Study Institute meeting from which the book takes its name.


  • STRUCTURE AND CONSTITUTION: Properties of Iron at the Earth's Core Conditions
  • Physics of Planets as Cold Bodies
  • Quasi-hydromagnetics and the Moon-solar Wind Interaction
  • PLANETARY DYNAMICS: The Dynamics of the Atmosphere of Venus
  • Atmospheric Dynamics of the Major Planets
  • Long-lived Baroclinic Eddies in Atmospheres and in the Laboratory
  • The Phase Diagram of Hydrogen with Other Elements, and Applications to Jovian Planet Interiors
  • Lunar Palaeomagnetism and Lunar Polar Wandering and the Existence of a Primeval Satellite System around the Moon
  • CELESTIAL MECHANICS: Some Recent Researches on the Age and Stability of the Solar System
  • Long Term Behaviour of Planetary Orbits: Theory and Numerical Experiments
  • ORIGIN OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Mantle and Atmospheric Evolution: The Heavy Rare Gas Evidence
  • Solid-Solid Collisions as a Mechanism of Accretion of Terrestrial Planets
  • Some Comments on the Early Conditions in the Solar System
  • Giant Comets and their Relevance to the Origin of the Solar System.

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