The long wait : the forging of the Anglo-American nuclear alliance, 1945-1958


The long wait : the forging of the Anglo-American nuclear alliance, 1945-1958

Timothy J. Botti

(Contributions in military studies, no. 64)

Greenwood Press, 1987

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Bibliography: p. [251]-256

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The Long Wait examines the history of the United States' dealings with the United Kingdom on nuclear matters in the first dozen years following the Second World War. Chief among the issues analyzed are whether to share nuclear information, know-how, and technology with the British; whether to cooperate in the control and allocation of critical raw and nuclear materials, whether to grant the British any right of consultation on use of American nuclear bombers based in Britain, and on what terms to introduce into Britain American intermediate range nuclear-tipped missiles.


Abbreviations Introduction The Illusion of Cooperation Protecting the Atomic Monopoly Movement toward Limited Cooperation The British Want More The United States Agrees to Cooperate--Almost Out of the Question Running in Place Who Shall Be Consulted on the Use of Atomic Bombs? Full Consideration? The Struggle for Control of Atomic Energy Policy Activity--but No Action Getting Organized Fundamental Decisions Amending the McMahon Act Striving to Achieve a Minor Victory Cooperation on Hold Deceiving the JCAE First Catalyst for Nuclear Partnership Eisenhower Takes Command Political Complications Second Catalyst for Nuclear Partnership Clearing the Final Hurdle Partnership at Last Conclusion Bibliography Index

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