The Cancer patient and supportive care : medical, surgical, and human issues


    • Higby, Donald J.


The Cancer patient and supportive care : medical, surgical, and human issues

edited by Donald J. Higby

(Cancer treatment and research)

Nijhoff, 1985

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Includes bibliographies and index



During the course of editing 'Supportive Care in Cancer Therapy' (Martin us Nijhoff Publishers, 1983), it become apparent that several topics would have to await a second volume. Furthermore, development of new informa- tion and evolution of ideas continues. This volume continues the intent of the first to present reviews of issues relating to supportive care, and to identify areas where further definition and further research is needed. The physician reading this volume will find the contents though-provok- ing. In addition to reviews authored by physicians, there are chapters authored by non-physicians, who present a different perspective and a dif- ferent style of writing. Reverend Bigler writes from his long experience as a chaplain for cancer patients, and tries to identify the changes that take place in the personality of the chaplain who works with dying patients. Ms. Kil- lion and Ms. Powell try to describe what an Oncology Nurse is, rather than what one does. Attorneys Reese and Price present a very practical summa- tion of issues which face the cancer patient, and their chapter could easily be copied and offered to one's patients; furthermore, this chapter gives direc- tion to the physician who is frequently called upon for advice regarding issues which lie entirely outside his/her formal training. Excellent reviews on more' medical' subjects are here. 'Cancer in the Elderly' should provoke oncologists to re-examine their approach to the geriatric patient.


1 Bone Marrow Toxicity of Antitumor Agents.- 2 Chemotherapy and Gonadal Function.- 3 Viral Infections in Cancer Patients.- 4. Infection Prophylaxis in Granulocytopenic Patients with Antimicrobial Drugs Selected for Their Indifferent Activity to Resident (Anaerobic) Protective Flora.- 5 Cancer in the Elderly.- 6 Indwelling Permanent Vascular Access Devices and Their Management.- 7 The Psychosocial Adjustment Problems of the Cancer Patient.- 8 Legal and Paralegal Issues and the Cancer Patient.- 9 The Role of Clergy in the Supportive Care of Cancer Patients.- 10 The Oncology Nurse: An Emerging Role in Research and Holistic Cancer Treatment.- 11 The Doctor and The Cancer Patient: Sources of Physician Stress.- Index of Subjects.

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