Surface properties of electronic materials


Surface properties of electronic materials

(The Chemical physics of solid surfaces and heterogeneous catalysis / edited by D.A. King and D.P. Woodruff, v. 5)

Elsevier Science Publishers, c1988

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The present volume gives an overview of some of the fundamental properties of semiconductor surfaces and the way in which surface studies are impinging on our understanding of the capabilities and limitations of device fabrication, particularly by vacuum-related methods.


  • Surface Science and Electronic Materials. An Overview (R.H. Williams). Semiconductor surfaces and interfaces. Metal-semiconductor interfaces. Semiconductor-semiconductor interfaces. Structural and Electronic Properties of Elemental Semiconductors and Surfaces (M. Schluter). Bonding and electronic states in bulk silicon. The atomic geometry of: the Si(100) (2 x 1) surface
  • cleaved Si(111) (2 x 1) surface
  • equilibrium Si(111) (7 x 7) surface. The ``new'' reconstructions. Atomic Geometry and Electronic Structure of Tetrahedrally Coordinated Compound Semiconductor Interfaces (C.B. Duke). Zincblende (110). Adsorbate structures on zincblende (110). Polar surfaces of zincblende structure materials. Wurtzite structure materials. ZnO. Synopsis. Adsorption and Schottky Barrier Formation on Compound Semiconductor Surfaces (L.J. Brillson, G. Margaritondo). Gas-phase adsorption. Semiconductor adsorption on semiconductor substrates. Heterojunction interfaces. Adsorption of metals. Schottky barrier formation. Adsorption on Elemental Semiconductors (H. Froitzheim). Preparation of clean surfaces. Intrinsic structure of Si surfaces. Intrinsic structure of Ge surfaces. Adsorption on Si. Adsorption on Ge. Adsorption and Reaction of Metals on Elemental Semiconductors (L. Braicovich). Structural evidence for the reaction at room temperature. The electronic states of silicides. The interface reaction as seen with electronic states spectroscopy. A scheme for interface growth at room temperature. Selected topics connected with the scheme of interface growth. Molecular Beam Epitaxy of III-V Compounds. Aspects of Growth Kinetics and Dynamics (B.A. Joyce et al.). The GaAs(001) surface. Thermodynamic and kinetic factors involved in the MBE process. Growth dynamics. Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Silicon, and Related Materials (R.A.A. Kubiak). Molecular beam epitaxy. The technology of MBE. Substrate preparation. Crystallographic perfection. Evaluation of undoped homoepitaxial silicon. Doping. Silicides. Silicon-on-insulator structures. Device applications. Future prospects. Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Insulators, Metastable Phases and II-VI Compounds (R.F.C. Farrow). Factors controlling the range of materials accessible to MBE growth techniques. MBE growth and properties of epitaxial insulators. MBE growth and properties of metastable phases. MBE growth and properties of II-VI compounds. Applications and future directions. Surface Chemistry of Dry Etching Processes (T.M. Mayer et al.). Halogen atom reactions with semiconductors and metals. Ion bombardment effects. Synergistic effects. Surface compositional modification. Film formation in halocarbon discharges. References. Index.

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