Power semiconductors


Power semiconductors

M. Kubát

Springer-Verlag, 1984

  • Berlin
  • New York

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The book contains a summary of our knowledge of power semiconductor structures. It presents first a short historic introduction (Chap. I) as well as a brief selection of facts from solid state physics, in particular those related to power semiconductors (Chap. 2). The book deals with diode structures in Chap. 3. In addition to fundamental facts in pn-junction theory, the book covers mainly the important processes of power structures. It describes the emitter efficiency and function of microleaks (shunts). the p +p and n + n junctions, and in particular the recent theory of the pin, pvn and p1tn junctions, whose role appears to be decisive for the forward mode not only of diode structures but also of more complex ones. For power diode structures the reverse mode is the decisive factor in pn-junction breakdown theory. The presentation given here uses engineering features (the multiplication factor M and the experimentally detected laws for the volume and surface of crystals), which condenses the presentation and makes the mathematical apparatus simpler. The discussion of diode structures is complemented by data on the tunnel phenomenon as well as on the properties of the semiconductor- metal contact which forms the outer layers of the diode or more complex structure. A separate chapter (Chap. 4) is devoted to the two-transistor equivalent of the four- layer structure and the solution of the four-layer structure in various modes. This presentation is also directed mainly towards the power aspect and the new components.


  • 1. Introduction.- 2. Overview of Selected Facts from Semiconductor Physics.- 3. Properties of a pn Junction in a Semiconductor
  • Semiconductor-Metal Contact.- 4. Transistor and Thyristor Effects, pnpn Structures in Different Modes.- 5. Dynamic Behaviour of Semiconductor Structures.- 6. Relationship Between Initial Physical-Technological Parameters and Final Electrical Parameters of Thyristors.- 7. Review of Basic Types of Semiconductor Switching Devices, Their Properties and Their Characteristics.- 8. Technology of Non-Diffusion pn Junctions and Ohmic Contacts.- 9. Diffusion Technology.- 10. Load Current and Cooling of Diodes and Thyristors.- 11. Properties of Diodes and Thyristors in Electric Circuits.- 12. Review of the Basic Power Circuits with Semiconductor Devices.- References.

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