Political domination in Africa : reflections on the limits of power


Political domination in Africa : reflections on the limits of power

edited by Patrick Chabal

(African studies series, 50)

Cambridge University Press, 1986

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This collection of essays brings together historians and political scientists from Britain, France and the United States, who, from widely differing perspectives and traditions, have been involved in the process of rethinking African politics. They present here the outline of a new approach, grounded in universal political theory rather than on theories of Third World political development. This seeks to integrate the history of Africa (from pre- to post-colonial) with concepts of political theory as they have been applied historically to the analysis of Europe and America. The book addresses a wide audience: students of African history and politics, of Third World development and of political theory.


  • Introduction Patrick Chabal
  • 1. Democracy in Africa Richard L. Sklar
  • 2. Politics and vision in Africa: the interplay of dimination, equality and liberty Thomas M. Callaghy
  • 3. Democracy and ethnocentrism Martin Staniland
  • 4. Wails and whispers: the people's voice in West African Muslim politics Donal B. Cruise O'Brien
  • 5. Revolutionary democracy in Africa: the case of Guinea-Bissau Patrick Chabal
  • 6. Civil society in Africa Jean-Francois Bayart
  • 7. Political accountability in African history John Lonsdale
  • 8. The politics of representation and good government in postcolonial Africa John Dunn
  • Notes
  • Index.

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