Innovation, technology, and finance


Innovation, technology, and finance

edited by Arnold Heertje ; contributors, Patrick Artus ... [et al.] ; preface by Ernst-Günther Bröder

Blackwell for the European Investment Bank, 1988

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Technological and financial innovation has had a major influence on world markets in recent years. Investors, manufacturers and strategists now need access to a vast array of information in order to assess the optimum way of developing a product, or processing a transaction. The growth rate of otherwise successful and innovative companies is being restricted because they lack such information. This collection of essays from international experts aims to provide a survey of the current scene. Both the available technology and ways of financing its further development are assessed, and recent innovations in financial markets are examined.


  • Technical and financial innovation, Arnold Heertje
  • industrial structure and technical change, Giovanni Dosi and Luigi Orsenigo
  • diffusion - the spread of new technology to firms, sectors and nations, Chris Freeman
  • the financing of technical innovation, Frits Prakke
  • the process of financial innovation - causes, forms and consequences, Patrick Artus and Christian de Boissieu
  • financial market structure and regulatory change, Helmut Mayer and John Kneeshaw
  • financial innovation and capital formation, Jose Vinals and Angel Berges.

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